The MASCOT GFlo Globe Control Valve

MASCOT GFlo Globe Control Valve

Superior performance in liquids and gaseous services is the hallmark of the GFlo Globe Control Valve by MASCOT. Easy, quick, and economical maintenance makes the GFlo Globe Control Valve more user-friendly. The spring cylinder actuated GFlo imparts stiffness and maintains very high precision in positioning. A strong response, repeatability, and high-speed controlled movement are the characteristics absent in diaphragm operated control valves. GFlo has the thrust capability to shutoff against higher fluid pressures,  up to 150 Psi / 10.30 Bar air supply.

Valve closure is dependent on springs in most diaphragm actuators. The unique design of GFlo enables it to combine the spring force, fluid pressure, and supply air pressure to achieve a tight shutoff. A self-aligning seat ring adds to and further improves the shutoff capability.

Galling at the cage is the culprit in many common maintenance issues with globe valves because of the close metal-to-metal contact between plug & cage. The GFlo has two top heavy-duty stem guides. Interference between the plug and seat retainer does not exist in GFlo. Easy and quick maintenance is due to the clamped-in seat and top entry trim.

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Cash Valve Regulator Series Comparison: B Series, Type E-55, Type PBE-1, Type PBE-2, Type PBE-5

Cash Valve is a unit of Emerson that manufactures pressure reducing, pressure regulating and safety valves. Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of pressure regulating and back pressure valves offering products for steam, air/gas, liquid, and cryogenic applications.

Industrial Applications:

  • Air Service
  • Steam Service
  • Process Gas Service
  • Water Service
  • Oil Service
  • Backpressure Regulators
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Compressor Regulators

Cryogenic Applications:

  • Relief Valves
  • Pressure Build
  • Back Pressure Regulators (Economizers)
  • Pressure Build Economizers
  • Low Temperature Cutoff
  • Final Line
  • Isolation Valves and Strainers

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Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Application Guide

Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Companies manufacturing or using ultra-corrosive fluids need corrosion-resistant materials for reliable processes. Fluoropolymer heat exchangers are used for dilution, condensation, boiling, cooling, and crystallization processes that require corrosion resistance.  

Common Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Applications:

  • Making or using dilute sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid
  • Acid recycling/regeneration
  • Metal finishing including galvanizing, plating, cleaning, and pickling
  • Producing chlor-alkali or caustic soda

By using our daily and daily heat exchangers with perfect efficiency, thousands of customers worldwide enjoy less operating costs. Using quality materials avoids expensive, unforeseen downtime, and replacement costs. 

AMETEK FPP manufacturers fluoropolymer heat exchangers that do not foul or scale, so they promise low maintenance costs and exceptional service life. What’s more, fluoropolymer materials are inert to nearly all chemicals, further enhancing their ability to operate long-term in ultrahigh purity applications.

Mountain States Engineering and Controls offers a catalog of fluoropolymer heat exchanger applications on their website, courtesy of AMETEK FPP. You can get the application reference guide here.

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The CCS DualSnap 6900GE Industrial Pressure Switch

CCS 6900GE

The CCS DualSnap hazardous area 6900GE Series is the most widely accepted all-around all-aluminum pressure switch. The 6900GE is certified UL / CSA, Class I, Groups A, B, C and D, and Class II Groups E, F, and G. Rated NEMA 4X and IP66 for wet environments. 

Built with high vibration and shock resistance, the Dual Snap® disk spring technology guarantees high accuracy and repeatability. It comes with increased overpressure capabilities and yet relatively small in size for comfortable panel mounting.

CCS DualSnap 6900GEApplications include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Fluid Management
  • Chemical Refining and Processing
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Utilities, Water Treatment and Waste
  • Safety Systems

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Duo-Chek Check Valves Compared to Conventional Swing Check Valves

Duo-Chek® high performance non-slam check valves are available in the sizes, pressure classes and configurations required to meet the most demanding of applications. 

The Duo-Chek® wafer valve design is generally stronger, lighter, smaller, more efficient and less expensive than conventional swing check valves. Its design meets API 594, is approximately one fourth the face to face dimension and 15% to 20% the weight, on most popular sizes, making them less expensive than a swing check valve. It is much easier to install between standard gaskets and line flanges. The savings compound during installation due to ease in handling and only one set of flange studs is required. Therefore, it is more cost effective to install, and also to maintain.

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