Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Application Guide

Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Companies manufacturing or using ultra-corrosive fluids need corrosion-resistant materials for reliable processes. Fluoropolymer heat exchangers are used for dilution, condensation, boiling, cooling, and crystallization processes that require corrosion resistance.  

Common Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Applications:

  • Making or using dilute sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid
  • Acid recycling/regeneration
  • Metal finishing including galvanizing, plating, cleaning, and pickling
  • Producing chlor-alkali or caustic soda

By using our daily and daily heat exchangers with perfect efficiency, thousands of customers worldwide enjoy less operating costs. Using quality materials avoids expensive, unforeseen downtime, and replacement costs. 

AMETEK FPP manufacturers fluoropolymer heat exchangers that do not foul or scale, so they promise low maintenance costs and exceptional service life. What’s more, fluoropolymer materials are inert to nearly all chemicals, further enhancing their ability to operate long-term in ultrahigh purity applications.

Mountain States Engineering and Controls offers a catalog of fluoropolymer heat exchanger applications on their website, courtesy of AMETEK FPP. You can get the application reference guide here.

For more information about fluoropolymer heat exchangers in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, South and North Dakota, contact Mountain States Engineering and Controls. Call them at 303-232-4100 or visit their website at https://mnteng.com.