Mascot Valve Industrial Control Valves from Mountain States Engineering and Controls

Mascot Valve’s engineering & manufacturing expertise provides tailored solutions to customer’ needs no matter the process. Using Lean Manufacturing principles Mascot’s supply capabilities allows for the industry-leading shortest lead-times

Mascot Valve manufactures heavy-duty control valves for the global process control industry, including oil & gas, gas transmission, LNG Processing, and Regasification and Power Generation.

Control valves application includes Oil & Gas, Industrial Gas Transmission, Power Generation, Chemical, Petro-Chemical & Refining, LNG Processing & Re-gasification, Industrial GasSteam / Desuperheating, Compressor Recycle, and Anti-surge Applications, High-Pressure Acid Leaching Applications, FPSO & Floating Facility Applications, Mineral Processing Applications, Cryogenic Applications.

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