Buckling Pin Pressure Relief Devices

Buckling Pin Pressure Relief Devices

BS&B manufactures pressure relief devices (inline and angle discharge) with fast-acting/full opening buckling pins to protect personnel, equipment, and the environment from the dangers of overpressure. Buckling pin pressure relief devices combine the accuracy of rupture disks with the ability to be 'field- reset' while still installed following an overpressure event. 


Operating Pressure Ratio

Buckling pin technology is highly resistant to operating pressure conditions. The BPRV runs at up to 95% of the minimum set pressure. This ratio is further settable with special testing.

Pressure Cycling Service

Buckling pin devices are well suited to cyclic service pressure conditions. When operating under compression, the buckling pin is not subject to tensile fatigue failure. The BPRV handles pressure cycles up to its maximum operating pressure ratio with negligible impact on service life.

Buckling pin devices are designed as a non-reclosing ‘reclosable’ pressure relief device. They are an alternative "non-reclosing" pressure relief device, usually rupture disks. Buckling pin devices are also an alternative to reclosing pressure relief valves , API series and pilot operated valves. They provide in-line pressure or vacuum relief, are easy to upgrade a rupture disk position, install directly between companion flanges, and offer quick and simple external reset, without opening flanges/piping.

BS&B Buckling Pin Features

Buckling pin pressure relief devices provide practical technology for the protection of applications containing one or more of the following conditions:

  • Continuous processing (fast reset in the line)
  • Hazardous service (limits operator exposure)
  • Large line size (convenient reset in the line)
  • High flow capacity
  • Inaccessible location (external reset in the line)
  • High operating pressure to set pressure ratio
  • Sizes from 1 inch to 60 inches
  • Cryogenic designs available
  • ASME “UD” stamped, section VIII, division 1
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive “CE” marked
  • Back pressure independent options available (BPIVTM)

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