AMETEK FPP XXP280 High Purity Heat Exchangers

The AMETEK FPP XXP280 heat exchanger is the latest technology for heating and cooling corrosive and ultrapure chemicals. The heat exchanger's fluoropolymer construction and rugged design allow precise temperature control in harsh environments where others fail. The unique honeycomb design of AMETEK enables exceptional heat transfer rates while maintaining high-pressure capability and compact size.

AMETEK added the following new features to the XXP280 heat exchanger:                                                

  • Fitting style options: Flared, Pillar S300 and Flarelock
  • Shell configuration: U- standard both connections up or down, and S- style configuration one nozzle up and one nozzle down.
  • Connection sizes: Standard is ¾” and also offer 1” and ½” size fitting as options.
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