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Friday, May 29, 2015

Industrial Valve Body Style and Flow Path: A Visual Illustration

fluid dynamics image
(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)
There are many types of valves body styles, each with their own unique flow characteristic and pattern. Valve design generally dictates optimum application service for any given use. For instance, globe or diaphragm valves provide excellent flow control because of a very linear flow characteristic and are used widely as flow control valves. Conversely, standard ball or butterfly valves are not good control valves because of their very non-linear flow characteristic, and special modifications need to be made to their discs or balls to improve linearity.

The following video illustrates the design and flow pattern for (4) types of valve:

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Virtues of Angle Seat Valves

Gemu angle seat valve
GEMU Angle Seat Valve
“Angle valves” or “angle seat valves” are a family of on-off and control valves that have utilize a “Y” pattern body style, and a linear action to raise the disk from the seat to open and close the valve. By positioning the seat on an angle, the piston is pulled out of the flow path clearing the way for maximum flow. Angle valve provides tight shutoff, high cycle rate capability and very long service life. Here are other design features that make an angle valve a top performer: