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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Natural Draft and Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower Fundamentals

Cooling Tower
Delta Cooling Tower
In many industrial facilities, various pieces of equipment, as well as many fluids used in process systems need to be cooled.  This cooling is mostly done with water. However, as cooling water is used, it absorbs heat, and loses its cooling effectiveness. The water needs to be kept cool.

Disposing of hot water in to ponds or basins can be detrimental to the environment. It’s also costly to replace the discharged water. The more efficient means is to cool the hot water and reuse it.

The equipment most commonly used to do this is the cooling tower. Cooling towers are part of a cooling water system in a commercial or industrial facility.

The main components of a typical cooling tower are a circulating pump, a shell and tube heat exchanger, and fluid lines.