CavFlo Cavitation Control Valve Trim by MASCOT

Whenever the pressure of flowing liquid through a restricted area of a control valve drops below the vapor pressure of the liquid, and recovers to a pressure above the vapor pressure, cavitation damage to the control valve and connecting piping may occur. 

In the first stage of cavitation, vapor bubbles form downstream of the restricted area at the vena contracta (point of narrowest fluid constraint). The enlarging passage at downstream of the vena contracta reduces the velocity and thereby associated pressure recovery causes the vapor bubbles collapse or implode suddenly.

This implosion of the bubbles on metal surfaces causes stresses, eventually resulting in tearing away particles of the metal from the surface towards inward. Cavitation damages the plug and seat of a control valve as throttling occurs at the restriction, in the clearance between the plug and seat ring. If the vapor bubbles implode near them, the valve body and piping can also be damaged.

MASCOT's CavFlo Trim utilizes many small holes for diametrical flow through the walls of the seat retainer. As the valve plug lifts, increasing pairs of holes are opened. Each hole discharges a jet of cavitating liquid at the center of the retainer, which impinges with a jet of liquid admitted through the opposing hole. The impinging fluid jets form an area of pressure recovery and a fluid cushion. This phenomenon collapses the vapor bubbles in the fluid stream, away from metal parts preventing damages.

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New Product Line! Mascot Valves. High Quality. Competitive Prices. Large US Inventory

Mascot ValvesMountain States Engineering and Controls is pleased to announce the addition of MASCOT Valves to our product line. MASCOT maintains a large USA based inventory in Channelview, TX for fast product delivery. MASCOT's superior quality is driven by complete in-house manufacturing, assembly, and testing, along with full material traceability and extensive quality procedures, to assure that MASCOT products provide you with superior performance and a competitive price.


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Don't Let Contaminated Steam Affect Your Food and Beverage Production Quality

You wouldn’t use unsafe ingredients in your products. But are you contaminating them with unsafe steam. Steam is the most efficient method of heating in food and drink processes. But when steam is in direct contact with food contaminants like particles of rust, dirt and chemicals could end up in your products and your consumers. Product recalls, tarnished brand reputation, and plunging consumer loyalty will all impact your bottom line. So why take the risk?

To protect your consumers and guarantee product quality, you must treat steam as you would any other ingredient and ensure it's safe to consume. It doesn't have to be hard. Spirax Sarco, and Mountain States Engineering and Controls can help you find the right standard of steam for your process and put measures in place to keep standards high. We can help you adopt best practices in steam system design and improve steam quality, install filtration around your steam system to mitigate the risk, and install a dedicated clean steam supply to eliminate the contamination risk.

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COVID-19 Statement

We at MSEC, Inc. continue to navigate the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely monitoring the situation and following the guidance available through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and state and regional public health authorities. We are committed to the safety of our customers, business partners, and employees.

As a distributor that directly supports the continuing operation of critical facilities in the healthcare industry, food & agriculture industries, power industry, and other infrastructure industries, our facilities and operations will remain open during the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic until further notice.

Our Golden, CO  head office and warehouse remains open and our supply chain remains intact. We are maintaining a limited staff in our office  to support critical functions including shipping/receiving, accounting, and IT.  We have also implemented a rotating remote work schedule to minimize employees at the office at any specific time.

Additionally, we have implemented the following requirements:
  • Restricting visitor access to our facility.
  • Increased frequency of sanitizing facilities and workspaces.
  • Requiring regular hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Using technology where possible to replace in-person meetings.
We will update this statement as the situation changes.

We thank you for your continued business and support. Please stay safe and be well.

Cross Reference Guide for Steam Traps, Regulators, and Pressure Pumps from Watson McDaniel

McDaniel Company is a U.S. manufacturer of steam traps, pressure pumps, pressure and temperature regulators, relief valves, liquid drainers, ejectors, engineered systems, and a variety of specialty steam products.

They have assembled a handy cross reference chart for major manufacturers of steam traps, temperature regulators, pressure pumps, and other steam related process equipment.


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